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Adobe to bring Full Photoshop CC on iPad Pro in 2019

The iPad might just have its gap with the full-fledged desktop PC reduced that much more now that Adobe has confirmed the full desktop version of its popular Photoshop app is all set to make its debut on the Apple tablet. No time frame for the same has been revealed as such though word on the tech street is that the launch of the new full-fledged Photoshop version for the iPad is expected to happen in 2019.

As things stand right now, Apple is believed to be preparing the launch of a gen iPad before the end of the yeariPad before the end of the yeariPad before the end of the year itself. The new iPad will have vastly improved processing power brought about by the A12X processor coupled with Face ID tech and a new design brought about by a bezel-less frame on the front.

The improved processing power is also the reason Adobe said has led to the desktop version of Photoshop to finally arrive on the iPad. The new Photoshop version will also be compatible with Apple Pencil, which means editing or creating new files is going to be a breeze. Adobe even showcased the new desktop version of Photoshop at its Adobe Max conference where the new Photoshop Creative Cloud (CC) for iPad did impress onlookers.

Being a Creative Cloud app also has its own advantages as users will have it easy to sync their projects across devices. Thus, any PSD file created on say the iPad Pro can easily be accessed on any other compatible device such as the Mac and so on. Further, there also is the Photoshop toolbar as well, which means long-timers with the app will have it really easy with the iPad Pro version of the same. Once the new Photoshop becomes a reality, it will easily replace all of the existing Photoshop apps such as Photoshop Fix, Express and so on.

As of now, the strategy Adobe is expected to be pursuing is to launch an initial version of the app that might be named Version 1.0. This will then be worked upon as more features are developed with the subsequent versions of the app getting the more advanced features and so on.