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Samsung Galaxy F foldable phone likely for Mid-March launch

The new Galaxy F foldable phone will no doubt be the ace in Samsung’s flagship line-up in 2019 what with it being the first such device from a top tier company. Unfortunately, though not surprisingly, much of it is shrouded in mystery at the moment though there are some tactical guesses that we can make based on the info currently available.

For instance, the upcoming foldable phone may bank more on its novelty to notch up some decent sales figures. What that means in that Samsung might be more engrossed to offer a device that provides for a smooth and meaningful working experience rather than refining the looks and style of the device itself. The prototype device showcased earlier did have thick bezels around the exterior display which may not be in tune to the current trend, but it’s just something that first gen buyers of the device may have to endure.

Also, it being a unique offering, users will also need to get used to a device that is both a smartphone and a tablet at once, this in view of the years of experience that we have had of smartphones so far. Samsung is also keen to see there are enough apps in place that make use of the enhanced scope that the Galaxy F provides for, which includes both a tablet and a smartphone.

Google, on its part, has also assured its support in the development of Android so that the platform is inherently compatible with the duality in both the display as well as the roles. Meanwhile, it could perhaps be safe to assume the Galaxy F will feature a Snapdragon 855 processor that will have built-in 5G support. Further, it could be 6 GB to 8 GB of RAM that the device comes with, along with say 128 GB to 256 GB of ROM, with more to come via sd cards.

Also, given rumors of the Galaxy F to be more of an exclusive device than a mass-market offering, speculation is that it could be priced around 00 a pop. With that being the intended pricing, there might be no low-cost version of the Galaxy F made at all, one featuring lesser RAM and ROM along with other cost-cutting efforts.

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As for its intended launch, the Galaxy F might get to see the light of day along mid-March. As per Samsung’s usual schedule, the Galaxy S10 is expected around end-Feb. During the MWC event followed by a market release a few weeks later.