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Spotify now has an app for Apple Watch

There finally is a Spotify app for the Apple Watch. This comes via an update for its official iOS app so that there is now a version available for the smartwatch as well. All of it isn’t a surprising development though considering that there already were reports of the streaming company working on just such an app.

Also, with the music streaming company now available right on the wrist, users no doubt never had it this convenient when it comes to selecting playlists or skipping racks and other such stuff. All of those can be done right off the wrist itself, which can be considered a nice improvement over the earlier practice when users had to use the smartphone for tasks even as basic as these.

However, Spotify did mention there is more in the offing with more exciting features currently being worked upon. Of course, the company isn’t spilling all the beans just yet but has stated there would be the facility to listen to offline music and podcasts sometime soon.

The development can also boil down to some nice competition to Apple’s own music streaming app that has already been available on the smartwatch. However, it being an in-house effort, Apple does have the advantage of its music app being much tightly integrated with the smartwatch, thereby offering a more personalized listening experience to the users.

With the new app, Spotify too can look forward to offering sort of the same experience as well, at least when the app gets all of the features conceptualized as of now. This no doubt will be a huge boon for the company given the leadership position it currently enjoys and risked losing members if it continued to be absent on the smartwatch scene for long.

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As for the app itself, it happens to be the handiwork of noted developer Andrew Chang. And from what seems evident right now, he has done a nice job.