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Apple facing a lawsuit for false representation of display spec and notch in ads

Apple might have the credit for popularising the notch like none other, but the same design feature has come to haunt the company in the form of a lawsuit that is seeking class-action status. Ironically, the lawsuit accuses Apple of adopting deceptive marketing practices where the notch is kept hidden by using wallpapers that blacked out the notch.

That apart, the lawsuit filed in the US District Court of Northern California accuses Apple of falsely depicting the screen size as well as the pixel count. The term all-screen is also being contested claiming the iPhones are anything but all-screen in the truest sense of the term. The lawsuit applies to the latest iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max as well as the iPhone X.

As has been mentioned in the 55-page lawsuit, Apple is including the screen as a whole in its ads even though the display has been rounded off along the sides while a portion, howsoever small it might be, has been dedicated to the notch. The plaintiff has also found fault with the screen resolution which they claim to be lower than what is being claimed by the company.

Worth mentioning, the clever use of wallpapers which kept the notch out of view came in for criticism in Sept. itself. That was when the first set of images of the iPhone XS came to light. Many had then taken to Twitter to vent their resentment with the promotional material. However, this is the first time someone chose to drag Apple to court over the same, clubbing together with other perceived irregularities such as the display specifications being falsely represented.

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Apple, however, didn’t respond to the lawsuit as yet though it happens to be just another that the company otherwise has to deal with on a regular basis. Interestingly, the said notch has gone to become almost a defacto industry standard with every other smartphone launched post-iPhone X sporting the said design feature. There however have been variations to that, with some phones having a significantly smaller notch to some having it just in the form of a dewdrop. The iPhone series though has the most significant of that, and that has to do with the plethora of sensors housed within the notch area.