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Apple admits the new iPad tends to bend but assures it won’t break

The new iPad with its super thin bezels and an even thinner profile might have been awe-inspiring though there seems little substance behind the stylish exteriors. For the new iPad has been found to be susceptible to bending forces with Apple too admitting even new iPad units might arrive slightly bent.

Surely, that is the last thing buyers having spent hundreds of dollars on a device will like to expect out of it though Apple has said that isn’t too serious an issue. Further, the company stated the iPad’s tendency to bend wouldn’t impact its ‘performance in any practical way’. Unfortunately, that latter bit can be taken as an admission that the new iPad can’t withstand the rough by much and will have its bottom-up fairly easily when pushed a bit so far as physical endurance is concerned.

Apple also attributed the bend to be due to the manufacturing process and specifically to the cooling system employed in the tablet. Interestingly, it is only Wi-Fi version of the new iPad that has been found to bend a little though the company hasn’t yet confirmed if that indeed is the case. There aren’t any reports of LTE iPad versions getting bent so far. Also, some found the bend to be there right out of the box while with some users, the bend developed over some weeks of usage of the tablet.

Another reason Apple dismissed this being too serious an issue saying the average return rates have been quite normal so far. The company, however, has been generous enough to replace those units that got delivered as bent.

For units that have just started to bend post the usual two week replacement period aren’t that lucky though as that might bring either Apple care into the picture or user will have to pay a fee to get their device replaced. In any case, there is no guarantee the fresh units delivered is not bent when delivered or will not bend over time.

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Worth mentioning, JerryRigEverything during one of his YouTube presentations demoed how easy it can be to bend and destroy the new iPad. Also, irrespective of all the assurances from Apple, what is amply clear is that the new iPad is not as rigid as it should have been and that the advantage it earned with its super thing built is nulled by its lack of durability.