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Apple responded sluggishly on Ohio’s iPhone XS Max fire incident

A man from Ohio said his iPhone XS Max caught fire while it was in his pant pocket, causing some injuries to his back while his pant too suffered damages. The incident which happened on December 12 not only left his phone too damaged to be used anymore, he wasn’t too happy with the way Apple support staff treated him to post the incident.

More than half of the front display is left charred while the sides and rear too suffered severe damages. However, from what seems evident, it is the upper surface of the phone that bore the brunt of the damage. The man identified as Josh Hillard said the phone was not in use when the incident occurred and is not sure either as to what might have caused the fire.

Hillard also expressed displeasure over the manner he got treated by Apple post the incident, which includes both Apple Staff or online service. Hillard, however, said he was offered a replacement device though that does not seem to be enough for him. Hillard claimed he wants to be compensated for the time he lost while the phone is left in a damaged state as well as his pants which too is left with a hole at the back.

Fortunately for him, the injuries do not seem to be too serious either. He said he had rushed off to the washroom on seeing yellow and green smoke emanating while also feeling intense heat at his back. He also got help from one of his bosses to put the fire out.

However, what Hillard said put him off all the more is the way Apple treated him when contacted. He said he was left waiting for over half an hour with none appraising him of the development. It was only after he took the matter with one of the managers that he got to know of the device’s status, which includes a replacement device being shipped to him and not offered immediately.

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Hillard said he took possession of the phone and is contemplating legal action against the company to redress the issue.