Home Technology Snapchat CEO imposes a 90min deadline for his stepson’s screen time

Snapchat CEO imposes a 90min deadline for his stepson’s screen time

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel has said, he has imposed a 90 min restriction as the max time his step son is allowed to spend on the image messaging app. This applies to Flynn, the seven-year-old kid his wife Miranda Kerr’s has had with her ex, Orlando Bloom.

However, it’s not known though if Spiegel is referring to Snapkidz when it comes to his step son’s restrictions. That is because Snapchat makes it mandatory for anyone only above 13 to have a legal account on its site. For those below that age, there is Snapkidz that the kids can refer to.

Spiegel has his own son too but is just a baby at the moment though there sure will be a similar restriction in place when he too is big enough to have an account of his own. In any case, allowing Flynn access to Snapchat itself is sort of self-contradictory given that he just is a 7-year-old kid.

Spiegel also said it is important kids get to understand the quality of time they spend online instead of just being online for hours at end. This also happens to be the aspect that Snapchat co-founder said he is keen to focus on as kids, or for that matter, any user should get to spend some wholesome time on the site.

Spiegel also stressed on the need for parents to teach kids of the value of time and ways to spend it productively when online. In fact, this happens to be the new dimensions that parents have to be wary of given the emergence of the new trend where people get to socialize more online rather than in the real world.

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Kids also find it easier to adapt themselves to the online world rather easily than offline though this has its negative effects as well given that this would rob them of the vital skills needed for socializing in the real world. With restriction such as the one Spiegel has imposed, kids no doubt will have enough time to get along with other activities such as reading, watching nature or building stuff. No wonder, parents around the world should also be following something similar if they haven’t already.