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Sony introduces new Master Series 8K and 4K TV’s with picutre processor X1 Ultimate

Sony has launched a TV onslaught at CES 2019 with pixels being the main munition. To put things in a better perspective, Sony has lined up massive 8K and 4K TVs at its CES outing this year with sizes ranging from a somewhat manageable 55-inch to the super-sized 98-inch models as well.

Specifically, there are two distinct lines of TVs that the company has come up with. Those include the Z9G which offer TVs measuring 85 and 98-inches and are 8K enabled. Another unique aspect of the Z9G series is that it features LCD panels for the huge displays. The other TV range Sony introduced happens to be A9G which include TVs measuring 55, 65, and 77-inch. The A9G series offers 4K displays and OLED panels.

These apart, the common aspect with both the TV series happen to be the Picture Processor X1 Ultimate which again happens to be the same that powered the Master Series of TV the company had introduced at CES 2018. That apart, there is also going to be AI tech this year for the 8K TVs which Sony claim will assist in accurate detection of each object in the picture in real time. It, Sony said, will allow for the most vivid picture quality otherwise possible.


That apart, the Z9G also benefits from Backlight Master Drive tech to allow for full-array local dimming. Elaborating further, Sony said the Backlight Master Drive tech comes with ultra-dense LED module which allows for super brightness along with deep blacks thereby ensuring exceptional contrasts. After that, the 8K X-tended Dynamic Range PRO ensures optimal power utilization by using the saved energy to boost the brightness where it intelligently feels it needs to be boosted.

That is not all as the company also said the Z9G series would also benefit from its new proprietary upscaling tech that will upscale any 4K content to 8K quality. This should solve the issue of their being not enough content shot in native 8K quality. Another unique design feature of the Z9G series is the four front firing speakers that the TVs come with and which Sony claims have been calibrated as per the Acoustic Surface Audio+ tech.

While still on the sound aspect, Sony’s Acoustic Surface Audio+ feature happens to be a breakthrough technology where the drivers are placed behind the OLED panel. That, in turn, makes the sound to seem like emanating from within the picture itself, making it all so very realistic. However, it is compatible with only OLED panels, the same is present in the A9G series but not in the Z9G series of TVs.

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The AG meanwhile is more consumer-oriented given its smaller dimensions and 4K capability, which presumably should also lead to lesser costs as well. Sony though is yet to announce the pricing structure for the latest crop of TVs along with the availability details as well. Both the series will have Android Oreo pre-installed besides offering Netflix Calibrated Mode and IMAX Enhanced.