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NVIDIA GeForce bringing RTX GPUs on laptops with over 40+ models

Nvidia has announced the first GeForce RTX series of GPU for service on notebook devices is ready for a debut soon. This would mean the newly advanced chips with ray tracing feature will henceforth be able to wield its magic on a smaller form factor, that of laptop devices.

Ray tracing refers to the new pioneering technology Nvidia introduced and refers to the way the graphics processor can model light in real times as it intersects objects in a virtual environment, such as in a game. Such a feature can enliven games such as Battlefield V, with Nvidia claiming the new RTX enabled laptops will be able to run such ray-traced games at 60 fps.

However, while this can still be considered a commendable development, the RTX 2080 GPU on a notebook won’t be as powerful compared to the same meant for desktop systems. That again is understandable considering the space and weight constraints usually associated with notebook devices. GPU’s also require an elaborate cooling mechanism which might again make for a challenging proposition on a notebook.

Battery life too can be another huge challenge given that notebook devices are rated for their battery runtimes and GPUs are power suckers. Nvidia though has stated they have managed to strike a balance here so that users can expect to see a significant increase in performance while still allowing for decent battery times as well.

For instance, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang is claiming a two-fold increase in performance for RTX 2080 equipped notebook devices compared to the PS4 Pro. Elaborating further, the company said they have achieved power efficiency using Max-Q technology, which means an MSI Stealth equipped with the RTX 2080 should allow for 8 hours of backup times.

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Nvidia has also actively collaborated with manufacturers to ensure more than 40 laptops can reap the benefits that the advanced GPUs such as RTX 2080 to RTX 2060 chips allow for. Among the companies that will be offering the new RTX enabled laptops to include Acer, Asus, Dell, Samsung, HP Lenovo, Razer, MSI and so on.