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Omron launches FDA cleared “HeartGuide” wearable blood pressure monitor

Taking blood pressure readings via a smartwatch is now a reality thanks to Omron’s recent advancements in this field. If the name isn’t already familiar, the company is counted among the largest manufacturers of blood pressure machines in the world.

Interestingly, the company said the basic technology for testing blood pressure remains the same as on bigger analog machines which includes a pump and air bladder. What is amazing with the latest development is that Omron has managed to scale down the size of the pump and air bladders to be tiny enough for fitment into a smartwatch. All this while still delivering accurate results each time.

Another inherent positive with the Omron HeartGuide blood pressure watch – as the smartwatch has been named – is that it can conduct real-time tests and upload the data in the HeartGuide app without even the user being aware of it. Such recordings can also be considered more accurate in that the stress usually associated with taking blood pressure readings when the user is aware of it will get negated when it’s done automatically.

Users will also have the option to schedule such tests during a particular time of the day or when sleeping and such. This way, the results so obtained will help finding out if there is a pattern in the blood pressure readings, like if there is a tendency for it to peak during a particular time of the day and so on.

Currently, the HeartGuide app that the Omron smartwatch uploads its readings, to is only compatible with Apple iOS though the company said it will soon be made compatible with Samsung, Google or other popular health data platform for ease in sharing of data. While that is expected to happen via a future update for the HeartGuide app, users right now can share their BP readings via PDF export for consultation with the doctor.

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For those who are interested, the Omron HeartGuide smartwatch is now available on pre-order for $499 a pop.