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Samsung to introduce new M series on Jan 28 to take on Chinese rivals

Stung by intense competition from Chinese rivals, Samsung has now got into the act and has announced a new phone range – the Galaxy M Series which it hopes will bring it right back into the game. And the new M Series comprising of the M10, M20 and M30 seem par for the course too, what with its stylish design and its intended pricing which, if true can make things tough for the Chinese companies.

For now, Samsung has only announced the new phones will debut on Jan. 28, and that those are going to be Amazon exclusive devices. No other info has been made available as yet though fortunately, there is an Amazon page dedicated to the device and the same also carries images of the phone as well from different angles shedding some light as to what to expect with the new crop of phones.

The one aspect that catches the eye right away is the new V-shaped notch at the top, or tear drop notch as is evident in a host of competing phones. That and a slim chin at the bottom happens to be the only disruption at the front with the rest being a seamless stretch of a display. That apart, Samsung is also boasting a quick charging time with the new M series as well. No specifics have been made available though it is being claimed to be 3X times faster. A large battery too is being promised to allow for commendable runtimes.

A USB-C port is also seen at the bottom of the phone, as is a 3.5mm headphone jack. Among the other specs that can be associated with the phone include a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor along with dual rear cameras. Samsung had earlier introduced the A9 with four rear cams while there also is the new A8 that feature a punch hole display for the selfie cam. All of these point to Samsung’s desperation to infuse new excitement in its phone range. The new M series can well be considered to be a continuation of that.

Samsung Galaxy S10 launch at Unpacked 2019 scheduled for Feb. 20

Meanwhile, Samsung has also stated the new phones would be priced really competitively in the Rs. 10k to Rs. 20k range to ensure their easy uptake. No wonder all of this has only whetted the appetitive of the mid-range phone buying crowd though it remains to be seen if the phone can really live up to the hype in reality.