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LG to launch new advanced gesture control feature for smartphone at MWC

LG is teasing a new gesture control system just in time for the Mobile World Congress which kicks off in late February in Barcelona. And initial reports claim the new technology LG is set to introduce mimics to a large extent Tom Cruise’s exploits in the hit Hollywood sci-fi film Minority Report.

From what is known so far, the new gesture control feature LG is expected to introduce has an extended range of about 20 to 30 cms at least. What that means is that the camera will be able to pick up the gesture from that afar and still react accurately. This is the farther it has ever been for a device of the form factor of a smartphone so far.

It is not known though if the said technology will be debuting on LG’s upcoming flagship, the G8 ThinQ though that has the highest chance of getting the new feature than any other device in the company’s future products pipeline. Apart from the new control feature, the G8 ThinQ is also expected to come with a new display tech as well perhaps in line with the prevalent trend, or maybe something more innovative.

The company meanwhile has released a teaser video named Goodbye Touch which, it must be said, makes a bold proclamation if it really means the same with its new flagship phone. The video depicts the user is able to control the display by way of simple hand gesture, such as a swipe to the right is showing the slide Goodbye Touch and a swipe to the left is showing the slide MWC 2019 LG Premiere.

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Similarly, a gesture to the top has the slide replaced with the actual date and venue of the LG event at MWC. That happens to be at CCIB in Barcelona on February 24 which most probably will also yield the new G8 ThinQ smartphone as well. Fans and enthusiasts no doubt will be dying to see the new gesture control in action in a smartphone. I any case, it would be surprising if the touchless control feature does not eventually make it to other devices as well, such as a TV and so on.