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OnePlus mocks Apple after it emerges as the top brand in India

OnePlus has emerged as the number one seller of a premium smartphone in India, a recent report by Counterpoint has revealed. And the company has seized upon the opportunity to troll Apple to further drive home the point of its new found elevated status.

The Chinese firm posted an image on its Facebook page with a message that reads – ‘Hey Siri, which is India’s no.1 premium smartphone?’ It’s not known what Apple’s digital assistant answered to the above query nor is its mentioned though the answer is more than implied.

OnePlus has been witnessing exceptional demand for the OnePlus 6, with quarterly shipments recorded to be the highest it has ever been during Q4, 2018. And the success story didn’t just stop at that as the good run of the phone in the India continued for three successive quarters as well. In fact, so successful OnePlus 6 has been that it jacked up the entire premium smartphone segment in the country as well, leading to record a number of top-end phones to be sold in the country.

With the good showing, OnePlus went on to garner 36 percent of the Indian smartphone market share, bettering Apple in the process that held on to 30 percent share and Samsung’s 26 percent share of the market. When it comes to individual devices, the OnePlus 6 had a 15 percent market share in 2018 followed by OnePlus 6T with 10 percent share. The Galaxy S9 Plus trailed with 8 percent market share.

Apple, however, should already be used to such behavior given that it gets routinely mocked by its competitors in various markets worldwide. For instance, its already almost a part of marketing folklore the way it got trolled by Samsung, with a specific part of the Apple device getting targeted each time. For instance, there have been ad campaigns in the past where Samsung mocked Apple for low battery life or, the notch design feature and so on.

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As for Apple, its trying times that the company is facing at the moment given historic low demand for its iPhones. And the same is already getting reflected in a record dip in its profits with the company forced to revise both its revenue targets and production plans.