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Samsung Galaxy S10 to be the world’s first to come with Wi-Fi 6 compatibility

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 is all set to be the world’s first smartphone to be compliant with the new Wi-Fi 6 standards. That should be another reason to opt for the new Samsung flagship, with a report on this claiming the above is going to be applicable to all the three models of the premium device.

For those who might still be at odds with Wi-Fi 6, it happens to be the newest standard for wireless internet communications. Needless to say, it also is the one that offers the highest data transfer rates. That said, buyers of the new Wi-Fi 6 enabled S10 shouldn’t expect their device to be speed monsters right away when it comes to internet performance.

That is because one will need Wi-Fi 6 compliant routers installed to make the most of the advancement that the Wi-Fi 6 enabled S10 comes with. And such routers are still far from being as widespread to allow any significant improvement in browsing experience on the S10 just yet. Buyers of the phone can still take solace from the fact that their device is future ready and will be right at the top when Wi-Fi 6 gets implements on a wider scale.

In any case, the Wi-Fi 6 bit isn’t likely to be anything that could be seen as the biggest draw with the S10, unless of course, the buyer is a hardcore tech enthusiast. But then, the S10 also comes with enough of what it takes to appeal to buyers in droves. That should start with the looks itself where the all-screen display has an appeal on its own.

What catches the eye right away is the lack of the notch, with a punch hole design offering peeping access to the front camera, something that Samsung is referring to as the Infinity-O display. The top and bottom bezels are also almost non-existent, which coupled to the curved sides make the phone a real stunner.

Looks apart, the phone also packs in the latest Snapdragon 855 chipset which is the latest and greatest from Qualcomm at the moment. Among the other standout features one can associate with the phone include a triple camera setup at the rear, 5G compatibility, and reverse wireless charging feature to compliment the already large battery the phone is expected to come with.

Samsung introduces industry’s first 1 TB eUFS for future smartphones

Memory and storage options are likely to be generous too with tipsters claiming 6, 8 or even 10 GB RAM for the top-end model. Coupled to that is storage options of 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB or range-topping 1 TB for the top end model. Samsung had recent announced mass production of the world’s first 1 TB Universal Flash Storage for fitment on mobile devices. It would be surprising to not see at least the top end version to featuring the new eUFS of 1 TB capacity.