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Xiaomi Mi A1 and OnePlus 5T are among the most radiating phones, Pixel 3 duo too

Tests carried out by the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection, or Bundesamt fur Strahlenschutz has come up with some startling results, putting many a phone in the dreaded list that emits the maximum radiation. A casual observation that is hard to miss is that the Chinese phones have found themselves among both the best and worst performing devices.

Specifically, it is the Xiaomi Mi A1 and OnePlus 5T that has been found to emit the highest radiation. The Android One smartphone from Xiaomi radiates 1.75 watts per kilo of radiation followed closely by the OnePlus 5T which returned figures of 1.68. The Xiaomi Mi Max 3 and OnePlus 6T too proved to be offenders in much the same vein, what with 1.58 and 1.55 watts per kilo of radiation emitted by the two respectively.

The surprises does not end here given that the high and mighty such Apple or Google too has found itself in the unholy company. For instance, the more recent iPhone 8 returned SAR values of 1.32 while the iPhone 7 did worse at 1.38. The latest Google Pixel 3 XL came with figures of 1.39 watts per kilo while the same for the Pixel 3 happens to be 1.33.

Another aspect that becomes apparent is that more than half of the phone among the worst performers are from China and are either Xiaomi or OnePlus devices. No Samsung device has fared in the worst performers list, but half of the phones in the list of phones that emit the least radiation happens to be Samsung devices.

In fact, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 came with figures of just 0.17 watts/kilo while the Galaxy A8 and Galaxy S8+ came with figures of 0.24 and 0.26 watts/kilo respectively. Interestingly, another Chinese brand, the ZTE Axon Elite has also emerged as the least radiating phone with figures of 0.17 watts/kilo. Only one ZTE phone, the Axon 7 Mini is placed in the worst offenders list with radiation of 1.39 watts per kilo.

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There have been innumerable studies conducted so far that aimed to find a link between smartphone usage and chances of being affected by diseases such as cancer. However, while there are no inconclusive proof so far linking the two, buyers still can consider the above when out to buy a new phone.