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Nokia 9 spec leak seems to dissociate the phone with the PureView moniker

The Nokia 9 has been making a lot of noise for quite some time now, what with its five-camera setup at the rear coupled to the famed PureView moniker used to describe the rear cam. And now, with just weeks’ left for the official unveiling of the device, we now have some more specs of the device leaked, with part of those confirmed by none other than Google itself.

To elaborate on the above, the Nokia 9 found mention, albeit for a short duration of time, in the Android Enterprise Device Catalog at Google. Interestingly, the PureView bit was nowhere to be seen in the listing, which has further added to the doubt many are having if the term is just a marketing gimmick or has some real association with the Nokia 9. To recall, the Nokia 808 PureView came with a 41 mp rear cam and was among the best of its class at the time. Maybe, Nokia is keen to draw upon that to add some weight to its latest Nokia 9 serving.

Meanwhile, apart from the Nokia 9, the Nokia 1 also found mention among devices that the Play Store supports. That means the phones will be able to get going with the apps on the official Google app store right from the word go. However, to further add to the confusion with the PureView moniker, the same was conspicuously missing in the Google Play Supported Devices list as well.

These apart, what is amply confirmed given its mention in the Nokia 9 listing at Android Enterprise Device Catalog is that the phone would be running Android 9 Pie right from the word go. Also, it is going to be a 6-inch display at the front and will have 128 GB of storage along with 4 gigs of RAM. Now the storage part seems okay given that most flagships have long been offering that. However, the 4 GB of memory seems befitting of mobiles launched a few years back.

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But then, the image also revealed thick bezels at the top and bottom which too is another aspect that seemingly drags us back another few years. If that is truly how things turn out with the Nokia 9, it might have to bank a lot on the rear penta-camera setup for its success.