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Dark mode and how Slack, WhatsApp, or Facebook have differing interpretations

Dark mode is the latest buzzword in the tech world, and every company is keen to adopt the same for its various applications. This again isn’t anything bad given the various benefits that the dark mode stands for.

That includes the markedly less battery drain that dark mode causes. This no doubt makes for a huge boon for mobile devices where battery life is often a premium. That apart, dark mode is also pleasing on the eyes as well and is known to cause less strain.

No wonder every company is eager to see it being sensible to people’s concerns and is offering the same as part of the latest updates for several apps. Facebook has already introduced dark mode for Messenger while WhatsApp too is being on the verge of getting one. Now Slack too has come up with a dark mode for both the iOS and Android versions of the app.

Interestingly, Facebook has gone for something completely different for its primary social networking app. For it is now shown to be done up entirely in white, with even the blue tinge that the app has so far been seen sporting has been done away with.

However, the point to note here is that Messenger too had gone for a white wash before the app was provided with a dark mode. Now with the flagship Facebook app too turning all white, many are likening the same to be the first step before the dark mode makes it to the app as well. Or maybe the blue tinge has been there for some time now, and the company thought a white makeover would make for a nice change.

Whatever be the reason, the good news is that a host of other popular apps have either joined the bandwagon or are in the process of doing so. Slack, for instance, has already announced dark mode though it is still being beta tested. That means the feature is available though only for the beta testers. For those who aren’t in that list, here is how to be one.

How to activate Slack Dark Mode on iOS and Android

One will have to visit the official Slack site and sign-up for the beta program on iOS or Android. Also, it can take even several hours for the requests to be granted, a post which, one will have to update their app to activate the dark mode.

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On WhatsApp, it’s still a work on progress thing as has been mentioned above. That said, there still is a way to get something similar if not the dark mode itself. For that, one has to tap on Settings > Chats > Chat Wallpaper > Solid Colors. Next, one simply has to select any dark shade that they might prefer. This can be a perfect alternative to the much awaited dark mode till the same officially becomes available.