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Amazon working on Apple AirPods competitor, launch expected by this summer

The wireless headphone segment is all set to become hotter in the coming summer months what with reports claiming Amazon to be working on its own version of a headphone that would be truly wireless.

Though not confirmed, the Amazon earpieces are expected to be ready by the first half of this year itself. Not surprisingly, the earbuds will have support for Alexa, with the Amazon virtual assistant being able to pull off practically any task it is otherwise capable of via any means.

That includes the ability to add to the to-do lists, getting user’s queries answered, playing music and of course, shopping on the Amazon retail site. Even the usual method of invoking the assistant remains the same, that of uttering the term Alexa.

That sure will help to get users off the ground with the new airpods right away considering that Alexa is also the term to call the assistant on Amazon Echo speakers as well.

Among the other key aspect that Amazon is believed to be working hard on is the audio quality. The company is keen to deliver better audio on its earbuds than is achievable with either the Apple AirPods or the Samsung Galaxy Buds.

And any improvement on this aspect will no doubt be a huge advantage for the Amazon product given that that happens to be the primary reason anyone will opt for it in the first place.

Also, the Amazon earbuds would be lacking any sort of external harness or clip sort of a thing to hold it tight in the user’s ears. Instead, the earbuds are being designed to sit right within the ears, as is the norm with both the Galaxy Buds or the Apple AirPods. Among the other similarity, the Amazon product will have with its competitors is that it will come in its own case which again will serve as the charging station as well.

That said, reports also claim the Amazon earbuds would be lacking integrated LTE support. If that be true, the device will need external tethering devices such as a smartphone to be able to reach Alexa. This again could be a significant disadvantage considering that this will need Amazon earbuds to have the active support of both Android or Google and Apple for internet facility.

Price could be another deciding factor though this again is something that can best be guessed at the moment. That said, the retail giant will no doubt want to keep it low as has been its strategy with nearly all its hardware offerings to help the device reach maximum userbase.