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Google and Huawei agree to settle court case on Nexus 6P bootlooping for $9.75 million

The Nexus 6P launched in September of 2015 has been a typical Nexus device, except that it had a tendency of bootlooping.

Now the same issue is turning out to be a bane for Google and Huawei following a court ruling that said the two companies stands liable to pay $9.75 million to compensate for all the troubles users had to go through for the same.

Google and Huawei have already agreed to settle the lawsuit in lieu of the above-mentioned amount even though the settlement is still pending approval of the court.

The next hearing on this is scheduled on May 9. If approved, all those who bought the Nexus 6P in the US from September 25 onwards stands the chance of getting paid up to a max of 0.

Getting the said amount could be far from being a simple chore though, as there are several tiers that have been devised and users would be required to satisfy several conditions to get the amount applicable in each tier. For instance, those who agreed to exchange their faulty Nexus 6P for a new Pixel XL as per the exchange program in effect back then would be eligible for a payout of just $10.

The amount to be paid will be depending on the number of various claims that were made by the users besides also experiencing the bootloop issue. Such users would be eligible for a payment of $325 subject to submission of proper documents. Similarly, for those Nexus 6P devices that suffered battery drain will have $150 for the taking if proper documents are presented. The max of $400 of compensation is applicable for those who experienced the bootlooping and other issues on several Nexus 6P devices.

As for the class action lawsuit itself, the plaintiffs comprising of Nexus 6P users claimed Google and Huawei to be fully aware of the bootlooping bug affecting the phone. The companies also stand accused of continuing to sell the Nexus 6P phones being fully aware of the bug that the phone suffers from. The bootlooping issues again caused the faulty Nexus 6P phones to shut down at random even if the battery has enough charge.