Home Technology Samsung announced new Galaxy A80 with an innovative swivelling camera

Samsung announced new Galaxy A80 with an innovative swivelling camera

Samsung has taken the battle against notches to a new level with its latest smartphone offering, the Galaxy A80. The trick used here is that the A80 incorporates a sliding mechanism where the top bottom portion slides up. More surprises with the camera design as the same comes with a rotating mechanism where the entire camera rotates 180 degrees to serve as a front-facing cam, only to reverse back again to seem like a traditional rear-facing camera.

All of this results in a camera design that is truly fascinating, to say the least. The front with true edge-to-edge panels in itself is a marvel to the eyes, what with the lack of any notch or a punch-hole. Adding to the looks is the scintillating Super AMOLED panel all of the 6.7-inches and lit up by 1080 x 2400 pixels. All of this conforms to the New Infinity design theme the South Korean conglomerate had earlier hinted upon.

The camera array too is equally impressive with three sensors placed side by side making for a horizontal layout sitting along the top middle of the phone. The array comprises of a primary 48 mp sensor of f2.0 aperture.

Complimenting the same is an ultra-wide 8 mp sensor of the f2.2 aperture along with a ToF sensor for mapping depth.
The rest of the specs are equally impressive, which includes 8 gigs of memory and 128 gigs of storage working in conjugation with an octa-core processor. The massive front display will also be hiding a fingerprint display underneath it while keeping the entire thing going is a 3,700 mAh battery. Samsung also said there is going to be a 25W charger for quick refill of battery power.

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The Samsung Galaxy A series typically serves the mid-range category, with the A80 catering to the upper echelons of the segment. Samsung is yet to announce the pricing though what is almost a surety is that it’s going to extremely competitive to ensure the phone survives the Chinese onslaught. Meanwhile, it will also be mighty interesting to see how the phone fares in the real world scenario, whether the exotic design is robust enough to survive the dust and sweat of everyday using.