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Apple might launch 5 iPad and 3 iPhone models in 2019, notch-less iPhones due for 2021

With the fall season arriving, reports of new Apple launches for the year is also gaining pace slowly. And the ones that are being heard the most is the possibility of at least five new iPads being launched along with multiple iPhones having reduced notch dimensions.

All of this makes for an interesting development considering that the iPad, or for that matter, the tablet segment as a whole, has been witnessing reduced demand off late. Apple, however, seems to be unfazed with the trend and is, in fact, doubling down its efforts in the tablet segment with more iPad devices lined up for a launch this year.

Rumors of Apple working on iPad launch stems from the discovery of five new iPad models that the company registered at the Eurasian Economic Commission database. The new devices bearing model no. A2068, A2197, A2198, A2228, A2230 are all listed to be running iPadOS.

In fact, there already are rumors of Apple having started the mass production of a new 10.2-inch iPad model that likely would be named iPad 7. Of course, details are scarce but sources maintained the new iPad 7 will have slimmer bezels compared to the 9.7-inch iPad Apple had launched in spring of 2018.

Some sources also claim Apple would start with mass production of two new iPad Pro models as well. This likely will begin in the fourth quarter of 2019 or early 2020. This also makes sense considering that the current-gen iPad Pro was launched in October 2018, which means an upgrade here is quite overdue.

Meanwhile, there also are reports of Apple working on several new iPhone launches this year. If that isn’t exciting enough, the company is also rumored to slim down on the notch before adopting completely notch-free iPhone models in 2020-21.

The above will also be significant as this would mark the transition from face ID to Touch ID again. However, Apple is believed to be working on its own on full-screen acoustic fingerprint authentication technology which means touching any part of the front display will enable the authentication process. Further, Apple is also believed to be working on underscreen camera tech for the front selfie cam to ensure a truly all-screen front display with nary a bezel disrupting the flow.

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However, Apple might still have notched iPhones on offer though the cut-outs are going to be slimmer before they vanish completely by 2020-21. That would mean three new iPhones for 2019 that would have Face ID and front notch. Things would start changing in 2020 when there is one notch-less iPhone that would be accompanying two iPhone models having reduced notches. Then, it’s going to be three completely notch-less iPhones launched in 2021.