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Red said new Hydrogen Two in the making, pins blame of Hydrogen One failure on Chinese ODM

The Hydrogen One from Red has been one of the most outrageous smartphones the world has ever seen. The phone, however, failed to make a mark, with Red pinning the blame on its Chinese ODM partner for the failure of the Hydrogen One.

However, undeterred by the failure, Red announced they already have started work on the Hydrogen Two which the company said is being designed almost from scratch. The company also said they are working with a new Original Design Manufacturer in China for the Hydrogen Two.

While announcing the new Hydrogen Two, Red founder Jim Jannard stated they are also readying the camera module the company had promised during the launch of the first-gen Hydrogen phone. That was in late 2018 and the new module was supposed to be available by 2019 itself.

Jannard said the upcoming cinema-grade camera module named Komodo is almost ready and will be compatible with both the Hydrogen One and -Two devices. Along with the modular camera system, Red was also supposed to come up with a battery and storage module though there is no word yet on those.

As for the defect of the first-gen Hydrogen, those have been aplenty. The very looks of the phone what with its pronounced finger grips along the sides as well as the bulky build doesn’t do much justice to the device. It resembles more of industrial design than the sleek and svelte phones consumers have started to expect off late.

Then there also isn’t the third dimension to the 3D display anywhere visible even though that was supposed to be standard on the phone priced quite steep at $1300. At that price point, users were also quite disappointed to have at their disposal camera technology that is miles away from the ultra-high-end camera tech that Red is known for.

Jannard attributed the failure to the Chinese ODM’s failure to integrate the various components and technology of the phone. The Red founder also said the ODM failed to property integrate the software with the Snapdragon processor, leading to the entire system performing below par significantly.

The Red owner meanwhile also stated those who bought the Hydrogen One are in for special treatment when it comes to the new Hydrogen Two phone or the camera module. It’s not known though when exactly the new Hydrogen Two is expected to be ready for store debut, or how much it will cost when it eventually does. Other specs of the Hydrogen Two are also a mystery at the moment though it’s expected to be as future-oriented as the Hydrogen One has been.