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Sony’s new crowdfunded portable AC, Reon Pocket set for March 2020 debut, will cost $117

Sony has come up with an ingenious solution to beat the shimmering heat outside. It a portable AC small enough to be worn around. Named Reon Pocket, the ac is about two-thirds the size of a regular-sized smartphone and can easily be slid into the back pocket of a T-Shirt tailor-made for the purpose.

The pocket again is so designed to place the tiny device around the neck of the person. This way, the device can be effective in decreasing the temperature by 13 degree Celsius or heat up by 8 degrees, enough to make the wearer comfortable during extreme heat or cold conditions.

The Reon Pocket though is a crowd-funded project that has pegged the price of each unit to around $117. That makes it quite affordable for a device that can make the wearer be able to beat the elements any day. Unfortunately, it’s not likely to be ready before next spring, or March 2020 to be precise.

As for the technology in use, the Reon Pocket is based on Peltier effect where a controlled amount of electric current is made to flow through a circuit. This causes the device to either absorb or emit heat as is required. Further, there is a compatible app as well that can be used for controlling the device thereby saving the person from reaching out to the neck every time one needs to control the temperature.


So far so good though things aren’t too pretty on the battery front. That’s because the device is expected to support operation for only about two hours even though the Bluetooth connectivity can last an entire day. That makes the device fit for usage in small bursts, like when in a meeting or during commuting instead of continuous operation.

The availability too is going to be restricted to within Japan at the moment though that likely will change once domestic demand is satiated. Sony, however, hasn’t committed to world-wide availability just yet even though it likely will be a fit product to deal with the global warming crisis being felt everywhere, until mankind come up with something more plausible to reverse the trend, that is.