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Huawei launches new Harmony OS which can replace Android within days

Huawei announced they are done with the new OS named Harmony that they have been working on for some time and it’s so ready that it can be implemented just within days. The company had earlier stated they have already been working on a new OS but the efforts gained momentum as a fallout of the US-China trade war that barred Huawei to have any sort of dealing with American tech firms.

The company, however, said its efforts with the Harmony OS isn’t aimed at replacing the Android platform they have been working with so far. Instead, the company is hopeful of being able to renew their relationship with Google, to the extent that they can use Android with their future phones or other devices.

With that line of thought, Huawei has opted to offer its Harmony OS (known as Hongmeng in China) on devices such as smart TVs, smartwatches, and other IoT devices that are designed to communicate among themselves. The idea here could be to let people have a feel of the OS first before it is unleashed on devices such as mobile phones, tablets or laptops where users are subjected to a more intense interaction with the OS.

Huawei also added some aspects of its new OS, Harmony is already being used on some of its present smartphones. That includes the microkernel which is implemented in the Trusted Execution Environment where the confidential biometric information is stored.

The Chinese company which also happens to be the world’s second-largest mobile manufacturer after Samsung further claimed its Harmony OS to be superior to both Android and iOS. Huawei, however, stopped short on elaborating on the specifics but stated one of the biggest USP of the Harmony is its energy-saving credentials. Plus, the new OS is open-source too, which means it is going to be available to other manufacturers as well.

Huawei also boasted on its distributed capabilities, which means the OS will be as much about performance as it is about its battery life. The OS is also claimed to be entirely different from both Android or iOS, which rules out some speculation of the OS being a rip-off of either.

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The company meanwhile does have a lifeline going for its upcoming flagship smartphone offering – the Mate 30 Pro which can still use the full Android version. However, just in case Android remains out of bound for the company, only then it intends to make use of its Harmony OS.