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OnePlus to launch OnePlus TV in Sept. followed by the OnePlus 7T on 26th Sept.

OnePlus working on a smart TV has been known for some time already though there is an official confirmation on this now that CEO Pete Lau has stated they are planning an event in September to officially launch the OnePlus TV.

Lau further revealed the OnePlus TV is set for a launch in India first before it makes it to other parts of the world. The company will then focus on a launch in other regions of the world, like Europe and America, apart from China of course.

Lau said the launch in each country or region will be governed by their ability to forge a relationship with content providers applicable to the specific region. With the availability of the right content imperative to the success of the TV, the company is making sure they are able to ensure a seamless flow of exciting and entertaining media before their TV is introduced in a region.

Unfortunately but not surprisingly, there isn’t much that Lau revealed about the TV itself, except that they envision the gadget to be not just another smart TV. Instead, the OnePlus TV is expected to be part of the new smart ecosystem that is believed to take over the home in future.

The above might also be significant as the Chief Executive could be hinting the launch of more smart devices in future that would be part of the home environment. However, what those devices are likely to be is anybody’s guess at the moment.

Also, what is almost a surety is that the OnePlus TV will also be priced extremely competitively, a marketing strategy that the company plays to near perfection with its smartphone offerings. However, here too there is no way one can predict what exactly the price will be or what features, size etc. the TV will be available in.

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Meanwhile, the company is also sticking to its usual launch schedule for its smartphone line-up, the OnePlus 7T.
This is going to be the company’s flagship device post the OnePlus 7 Pro that the company launched in spring.
The launch is expected to be on Sept. 26th in India before it is unleashed in other regions. This is going to be followed by the launch in the US and Europe, while likely will happen around Oct. 10. However, the actual sale of the OnePlus 7T is not expected to begin before Oct. 15.