Home Technology Apple launches AirPods Pro with noise cancellation feature, priced $249

Apple launches AirPods Pro with noise cancellation feature, priced $249

Apple has launched AirPods Pro, which comes across as a more advanced version of the AirPods that the company has already been offering for some time.

One of the biggest changes to be seen with the new AirPods Pro is its noise cancellation technology that Apple claims will allow for a superior listening experience even in crowded or windy conditions. The AirPods Pro has also incorporated some changes to include its noise cancellation feature.

That includes an outward-facing microphone to catch outside noise that it has to cut out. Similarly, there is another external facing microphone that too is designed to catch noise from the surrounding which too is ultimately canceled out.

Apart from the basic design changes, noise cancellation is also aided by the custom H1 chip Apple designed specifically for the AirPods. The 10-core chip allows for sound optimization and cancellation to allow for the best possible listening experience each time irrespective of how noisy or silent the external surroundings are.
For instance, the built-in transparency mode is designed to let in some amount of noise to let the user have an idea of what’s going on in the surrounding. This could be handy when say the user is at the gym or is jogging outside and needs to be aware of what’s happening around.

This is quite in contrast to noise cancellation where all external sounds are filtered out.

This apart, the new AirPods Pro is also water and sweat resistant. Apple is claiming the new Pro earbuds come with IPX4 rating but has cautioned against carrying the earbuds to swimming or other water-based sports activities.

Another unique aspect of the new AirPods Pro is its in-ear tips which happen to be swappable this time. Apple is including in the package ear tips of three sizes that users can swap as per the size of their ears. Apple said there is a software audio test that the users can undertake to measure the amount of noise that is emanating from the speaker driver and how much of it has reached the ear.

Apple is also claiming around 4.5 hours of playback time with the new AirPods Pro, with the case itself sustaining a charge for 24 hours. The case is also a bit smaller this time with both the AirPods Pro and the case supporting wireless charging. That apart, there is the new Lightning to USB-C port as well as yet another charging option.

Among the other design, changes to be seen in the AirPods Pro is its shorter stub which also is a bit more angled this time than being rather straight on its predecessor.

As for its price, the new AirPods Pro comes for $249 and is up for pre-order right away. Shipping starts on the 30th of October itself.