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Samsung teases flip phone with a foldable display, launch likely in 2020 first half

Samsung may have experienced a not-so-smooth start with its Galaxy Fold bendable phone but that isn’t deterring the company from showcasing other such models it plans to launch soon. Case in point, the new flip phone it teased during its year 2019 developer’s conference.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much that the company is revealing about its flip phone plans just yet. The only bit it is showing off at the moment is a regular phone that is bending along the middle in a horizontal manner so that the phone takes on a more handy form factor in its bent state.

This is quite unlike the design that the Galaxy Fold incorporates where the phone opens along the middle in a longitudinal manner to take on the form of a tablet. The Galaxy Fold, however, comes with a small display at the front which can serve the functionalities of a phone when not opened. Anything that is displayed on the small screen then gets enlarged on the wider display when opened, thanks again to the new UI that the Galaxy Fold comes with.

It’s not known though if the new bendable flip phone too will have a display on the outside, to serve notifications at least when closed. Samsung, however, has said it is working on a new UI for its bendable range of devices, one that is named Samsung One UI 2 and will be ready for launch during early 2020.

That makes it pretty much clear the company has a firm plan in place to launch several bendable devices in the not so distant future. And that the new flip phone shouldn’t be too far away as well, with a possible launch date along the first half of 2020 itself.

A bendable flip phone could also be a safe bet for Samsung considering that unlike the Galaxy Fold, there is much less surface area that bends in a flip phone. A flip phone is also a lot easier to carry considering its compact size in closed form, which is also unlike the Galaxy Fold which has the size of a regular smartphone which becomes a tablet when opened.

In contrast, the upcoming flip phone is going to be something that can be accommodated within the user’s palm but will be the size of the Galaxy S10-like phone when opened. It now remains to be seen when Samsung launches the phone, what its specs will be like, the screen technology it’s going to use and so on.

The Galaxy Fold with its $2000 price tag also isn’t a crowd favorite, more so for a device that has had a troubled past. The flip phone, in contrast, could be a lot easier on the pockets. Worth mentioning here, Motorola too has a foldable Razr phone in the pipeline, one that could be launched within just weeks.