Home Technology Samsung delays Galaxy Fold launch owing to issues with the phone’s display

Samsung delays Galaxy Fold launch owing to issues with the phone’s display

Samsung has announced it is putting on hold the market release of its Galaxy Fold device in wake of the several early production units developing issues with the screen. Samsung did not provide any reason as to what could have caused the screens to malfunction in the first place but said the launch is being postponed to allow for further investigations into the matter.

The company, however, said one reason the screen might have broken was due to impact on the top or bottom of the hinge. This points to those areas likely being vulnerable sections where the application of some pressure might cause the screen to break.

Samsung had earlier stated the removal of the top protective layer could also have led to the screen suffering damages. A few early reviewers had removed the layer claiming it’s something that buyers anyway would have also done upon receiving the device.

Samsung has said the layer was, in fact, a protective covering for the screen and is not meant to be removed by the users. The company also stated they would better educate buyers about the importance of the covering and would discourage them from trying to remove those.

Samsung had introduced the Galaxy Fold during the launch of Galaxy S10 and was being hailed as the first consumer-ready foldable phone to have ever been launched. Naturally, much of the curiosity about the phone centred around the display itself, and the manner the same folded or opened to reveal some ingenious software innovations.

Samsung investigating the cause of Galaxy Fold’s display getting broken

Samsung said they have also conveyed to the early buyers about the delay in the launch but could not offer any firm launch schedule at the moment. The company, however, said they would be able to offer something more concrete on this within just weeks, which probably points to the issue being manageable after all. The company also said those who pre-booked the Galaxy Fold will be charged only after the same has been shipped while they also have the option to cancel their orders anytime they want.