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Samsung investigating the cause of Galaxy Fold’s display getting broken

Samsung Galaxy Fold had created history by being the world’s first foldable phone. It also had a few other firsts to its credit, prime amongst those being its around $2000 price tag. And now, it seems to also acquire another dubious record to its credit – that of the screen getting broken or developing a bulge.

Several publications that Samsung had provided a review unit with reported having serious issues with the phone’s display, this when the foldable attribute of the display itself was supposed to be its biggest USP. While one user reported a bulge on the display which might be minuscule to the eye but is big enough to distort the display, another said the screen on the review unit broke and has left the phone completely unusable after just two days of usage.

Samsung has been quick to respond but had precious little to share at the moment in terms of actual reasons for the devices to break. The only thing the company said is that it is investigating the cause for the display to behave the way it did. The company, however, said peeling off the top protective layer as some initial reviewers said they did could be one reason for the screen to have broken.


Samsung, however, said they are sticking to the launch plans which means the device will reach markets on April 26th as has been already scheduled. It also said they would take steps to better educate users against peeling off the top layer on the screen so as to prevent damage to the display. It’s not known for sure though if that is the reason why some display broke as a few reviewers said the screen on their Galaxy Fold device malfunctioned even with the top layer intact.

Samsung had earlier launched a video depicting the various ways its Galaxy Fold has been tested, particularly, the foldable aspect of the display. That includes using a robot to fold and open the display on a continuous basis over a sustained period of time just to showcase the durability of the Galaxy Fold design. It had also hyped the hinge design which it had been claiming to be among the most robust.

All of this makes us eager to know what made the display on the initial review units to break.