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Samsung showcases Galaxy Fold along with S10 5G, S10 Plus, S10 and S10E at Unpacked

Its finally here, the Samsung Galaxy S10 family of phones comprising of the S10E, S10 and the top-of-the-line S10+. Those have easily been the most awaited phones so far; more so given that the new Samsung flagships also happen to be the tenth-anniversary device for the company. But then, the company also surprised all with the launch of the new Galaxy Fold, it takes on the foldable phone concept as well as the new S10 5G model as well.

While that makes the launch event at San Francisco something that tech enthusiasts or company loyalists can hardly miss, we know almost everything about the phone thanks to the almost incessant stream of leaks and rumors that have come our way. The official launch event has served to confirm much of that while also filling in the missing pieces as well.

Here is the complete picture that makes the Galaxy S10 story.

The biggest draw with the new S10 is its ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. Samsung said it happens to be a versatile technology that is equally functional in almost any external scenarios, be it bright sunlight or pitch dark conditions. That is for the simple reason that it is based on ultrasonic and not optical technology.


The punch hole display happens to be the other most distinguishable aspect of the phone, something that Samsung prefers to call as the Infinity O Display on AMOLED. Samsung said the display boasts of 42 percent less blue light and is hence easier on the eyes too.

Also, of course, there is the camera which Samsung said allows for a Pro feel in the new S10. In other words, the S10 will let one to snap professional quality photos with just the smartphone itself. And for that, the S10 comes with a triple camera setup at the rear.

Those include a normal lens, a wide angle lens as well as a super wide angle lens. What’s more, the cameras are able to shoot videos in HDR 10 Plus, which means the image quality is going to be a lot more vibrant and bright than ever before.

The triple lens rear camera is however applicable to only the S10 and S10 Plus while the S10 E only does with a dual lens rear cam. Further, the S10 and S10 E makes do with a single lens front cam while the S10 Plus boasts of a dual lens front cam.

That, however, is not all as Samsung also announced the launch of the new Adobe Premier Rush photo editing app available on the S10. This way, users get to edit their videos right on the phone itself, something that so far required transporting the videos to a PC. Not anymore with the new Premier Rush that is available right on the phone itself.

Meanwhile, Samsung also announced they worked with Instagram to introduce the new Instagram Mode. This, as is perhaps understandable, will enable users to click images and post them on Instagram with the click of a button right away. Its as easy as that.

Powering all of that requires some serious processing ability, and Samsung said the new S10 manages to pull all of that thanks to the 7nm CPU it comes equipped with. Plus, there is a max RAM of 12 GB along with 1 TB of max storage. And if that isn’t enough, users can increase the storage up to a max of 1.5 GB using microSD cards.

Specifically, the S10 E happens to be the smallest with a 5.8-inch display and the cheapest too. The S10 sits in the middle of the S10 line-up with its 6.1-inch display while the S10 Plus is the phone with all the bells and whistles and is the largest of the lot with its 6.4-inch display. All the products will be available from March 8. As for the pricing, Galaxy S10E will start from $749.99, while S10 will cost $899.99 and S10 Plus at $999.99

Galaxy S10 5G:

Meanwhile, the company also chose to announce the S10 5G, which happens to be another S10 variant buts is capable of leveraging all the benefits of the ultra-fast 5G network where available.

It also happens to be the largest phone here with its 6.7-inch display and an equally massive 4500 mAh battery. The rest of the phone is almost identical with the standard S10, save for an additional depth-sensing camera at the rear.

Galaxy Fold:

Saving the best for the last, Samsung also surprised all with the launch of the new foldable phone named Galaxy Fold. From the look of it, the Galaxy Fold might seem like two S10 devices that is joined in the middle via a hinge.

The phone comes with an external 4.6-inch display but opens up to reveal a bigger 7.3-inch tablet. The company is describing it as the Infinity flex display with an advanced hinge design to allow for flawless opening and closing operations every time.

Samsung also announced some smart UI optimizations such as three app multitasking, another first for a mobile device. App continuity is another unique aspect with the Galaxy Fold wherein anything that is displayed on the smaller front display gets reflected on, the bigger inner display as well.

The Galaxy Fold also benefits from a 7nm CPU along with a massive 12 GB RAM and 512 GB of native storage. Plus, there is a massive 4380mAh battery as well to power the phone/ tablet which again is 5G and LTE compatible too. Samsung announced it’s going to cost $1980 and will be available from April 26 itself.