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Huawei P30 Pro expected to have Leica Quad Camera system at the rear

Huawei is tipped to be working on a new P30 Pro smartphone that will have a quad camera setup at the rear. This would easily better its previous attempts on this front, given that its best camera phone so far, the Mate 20 Pro or the P20 Pro came with three lens rear camera systems.

The company’s consumer business group CEO has only added to the rumor fire by posting an image of the moon on Weibo in view of the Lantern festival celebrated in China. The image carries a watermark with the info Huawei Pro though the middle portion has ben made obscure. Then there also is mention of Leica Quad Camera, which interestingly is quite decipherable in spite of there being an attempt to strike out certain portions of it.

Whether it is being intentional or whatever, the above is being seen as a proof of sorts of the upcoming Huawei phone to come with a four-lens rear camera. Also, with the Mate 20 Pro or the P20 incorporating a dedicated telephoto lens along with the usual wide-angle lens and such, it remains to be seen if the fourth lens is about adding further to the zoom functionality or will provide for an extra wide angle of view.

The company has also started issuing invites to a launch event it will be hosting in Paris on March 26th. Of course, the invite is as obscure as those usually are, there also is the hint of the device being launched will have zooming ability as one of its biggest USPs.

Meanwhile, the smartphone manufacturers have hit upon rear camera innovation as one of the preferred areas to drum up hype for their future products. And Nokia is right up there what with one of the future launches, the Nokia 9 already touted to have as many as 5 rear cameras. Samsung recently launched the Galaxy Fold which has half a dozen of it in all spread across the front, rear and inside of the device.

It seems we will get to see a lot more innovation in this field in the coming days and one way to keep a tab on it is the camera count that too is expected to go up as well.