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Samsung Galaxy S10 starts getting the Android 10 update in the US

Samsung has started rolling out the latest Android 10 update to users of its Galaxy S10 smartphone in the US. The update is being made available via the telecom carriers with Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint already confirming their plans to launch the update for Galaxy S10 users. AT&T though isn’t revealing what they are up to just yet.

Users of the Galaxy S10 on each carrier will, however, do good to check if their devices are ready to install the update, They can check manually to see if the update is available to them even if they haven’t received any official communication so far.

This makes the S10 up to date with the latest Android version within just a few months post its launch. Google had first announced the Android 10 update in September, which was when the update was made available to its Pixel range of phones.

In fact, this also makes for one of the quickest launches of the latest Android update for the Samsung flagship phones. It had taken more than a month – 40 days to be precise – for the S9 to get Android 9 update after the international version of the phone got updated. What makes this year’s update all the more commendable is that it arrived just 18 days after the international S10 devices got updated.

Samsung also has its work cut out with each new Android update considering that its flagship phones come with two processors – one powered by a Snapdragon chip for sale in countries like the USA and China while the rest of the word gets the version powered by its own Exynos chips.

This ensures Samsung has to actually work on two versions of the latest Android update behind the scenes even though the basic outcome for each version remains the same from the user’s perspective. So, while the end-user might be unaware of all the intricacies involved, Samsung actually has to work twice as hard as other Android phone manufacturers to prepare and test the Android version before its eventual release.

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As for the other Samsung flagship phone, the Galaxy Note 10, the Android 10 update for the same too isn’t too far away. Some German users already said they have started to see the update arrive on their Note 10 devices, which means it could be just weeks before the newest Android version comes across to more Note 10 devices across the world.