Home Technology Apple iPhone 12 to go into mass production in July

Apple iPhone 12 to go into mass production in July

Apple is reported to be initiating mass production of the soon to be launched iPhone 12 next month itself. The Digitimes report that revealed the above information also claims the series production of the iPhone 12 will be preceded by the second round of Engineering Validation and Testing phase for the phone which is expected to be completed by the end of this month.

There have earlier been reports of Apple delaying the launch of the iPhone 12 series this year owing to the Covid 19 pandemic though the Cupertino giant is yet to validate the same. In any case, what seems a certainty is that there is going to be four new iPhone 12 models set to be launched this year. It also remains to be seen whether Apple opts for a staggered launch or launches all four models at the same time.

There has been some speculation that Apple might delay the launch of its iPhone 12 Pro models, given that those come with the mmWave 5G connectivity feature as those are a bit more complex to manufacture. The mmWave 5G feature is also considered faster than the sub-6Hz 5G, which likely will be standard on the base two iPhone 12 models.

As analysts Ming Chi Kuo had stated, the iPhone 12 Pro models might be launched a few weeks later than the base iPhone 12 versions. This again is pure speculation at the moment with no confirmation from Apple if that indeed is the case.