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Apple iPhone 12 likely to have a radical design makeover

With all the leaks that we have had about the iPhone 12 over the last few months, here is one that points to a radical change in design for the device. For according to a Twitter user who goes by the name @Jin_Store, the forthcoming iPhone 12 series might be seen adopting the flat-edged design theme reminiscent of the iPhone variants such as the iPhone 4 or iPhone 5.

More recently, the iPad Pro too is seen sporting flat edges, and it seems Apple is aiming to achieve a sort of uniformity with the design of its mobile device range. As stated, it has been quite some years that Apple debunked the flat edge shape for the iPhone in favour of the more rounded design. The latter again has been the preferred design for almost all smartphone manufacturers, which experts claim allows for the fitment of a larger display.

Worth mentioning, both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 were from an era when Apple was still contemplating the use of a bigger display. At the same time, the competition had already started to offer smartphones with screen nearing 5-inches. For comparison’s sake, the iPhone 5 came with a 4-inch display while the iPhone 4 had just 3.5-inches of it.

Coming back to the present, the leak seems to be based on a set of CAD sketches along with moulds that are believed to be that of the iPhone 12. The moulds too are of three different sizes which corroborate with the three distinct sizes that the iPhone 12 is going to be available in. Those include the 5.4-inch base iPhone 12, the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Max and the 6.7-inch top-end iPhone Pro Max.

The moulds can also be seen sporting four holes in the front, which likely will be for the proximity and light sensors along with the selfie camera. There is the speaker slot too though one of the moulds is seen having a slightly elongated hole just above the speaker. That again happens to be the smallest of all the moulds and should be that of the base iPhone 12.

In the end, here is a word of caution; we have never had any leaks so far from @Jin_Store, and hence there is no way we can be sure of its authenticity. Further, such moulds are used by case makers to manufacture cases. While they usually have prior info about the product before investing in the manufacturing of the cases, we can only be sure of what is in store for us until the iPhone 12 is actually launched.