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Apple AR/VR headset likely set for 2021 launch while AR glasses will launch by 2023

We have long been hearing about Apple working on AR and VR wearable devices though things seem to be getting closer to reality this time round. According to a Bloomberg report on this, we might get to see the first Apple headset using augmented reality and virtual reality technologies to be ready for launch in 2021, followed by a market launch latest by 2022.

The headset that is internally being referred to as the N301 is taking shape under the aegis of Mike Rockwell, who is working on a pair of an Apple-branded AR glasses as well. However, it is the headset that will be launching first and is also reported to have been the centre of quite some deliberations within the company.

The primary reason being that the headset in its initial configuration turned out to be incredibly powerful but it also emitted a lot of heat in the process.

The team eventually proposed selling the headset together with a companion device that would be doing most of the processing and will communicate with the headset via wireless technologies.

However, the concept of a headset coming with a processing hub the shape of a small Mac wasn’t impressive enough for the top echelons with the company, leading to it getting cancelled by CEO Tim Cook. The former design head at Apple, Jony Ive too is believed to have disliked the idea, leading to a less powerful headset getting the initial clearance.

That said, the headset will still have enough features to set the segment on fire, or so believes the team behind it.

That includes an extremely high resolution display along with advanced speakers that would combine to give users a real world-like experience. The headset will also have a fabric build but will still have an air of sophistication around it.

As for the AR glasses codenamed N421, it is reported to have the best of both AR and VR tech. The glasses are expected to be ready by 2023 and will provide users with an immersive experience though users will still remain connected to the real world.

Meanwhile, both the headset and glasses will be Siri enabled to ensure ease in operations.