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Apple Air Power leaked charging an Apple Watch and the AirPods.

The Apple AirPower charging mat, it seems, is back in contention once again. This resurrection of sorts can be traced back to a leaked image of the charging mat shared by none other than Jon Prosser. who has built an enviable reputation with his Apple leaks.

In the latest edition of his leaks, Posser shared an image of Air Power charging an Apple Watch and the AirPods. Last heard, Apple was having issues getting the Air Power to charge its Apple Watch device. The company had even announced the cancellation of the Air Power citing its inability to meet the high standards that the company endorses for all its products.

Specifically, Apple announced the cancellation of its AirPower project in March 2019 itself. However, what now seems evident, development work related to the charging mat continued unabated so that it might have even reached a culmination stage at the moment. However, Apple isn’t revealing anything officially at the moment though it is being speculated the company might have something to share on this during its WWDC event due soon.

Another interesting aspect with the Air Power as revealed by Posser is that it does not connect to the mains via a Lightening Port. Instead, the wireless charging unit seems to have a USB-C port. While this is yet to be confirmed, even long-time Apple users have said they’d prefer the USB-C port over Lightening Port for future Apple devices.

The Cupertino Giant has already transitioned towards USB-C port on the latest iPad Pro units. The upcoming iPhone 12 too are rumored to follow suit though there also are reports of it being the last iPhone model to feature Apple’s proprietary Lightning port. Instead, the iPhone 13 might come with a port-less design, which, if true, will make for one of the most radical redesign efforts with the iPhone since its inception more than a decade back.

In the end, what can be said is that the leaked image should not be taken as an indication of the AirPower being readied for launch sometime soon.