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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will come with 25W fast charging, will miss out on 45 W charger

New details about the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 reveal a 25W fast charging support for the upcoming foldable device from the South Korean company. Previous leaks had pegged the battery capacity of the Fold 2 at 4,365 mAh and will include two cells placed on either half of the foldable display. The above has come to light from the 3C certification documentation that the phone recently qualified for in China, SamMobile reported.

Meanwhile, credit for revealing the expected launch window of the Fold 2 goes to Ricciolo, who also claimed the next foldable device from Samsung is going to cost around 2,000 Euros. That makes it a bit costlier than the first generation Fold, which unfortunately has had a miserable run in the markets owing to its poor build quality.

Samsung followed that up with another foldable device – the Galaxy Z Flip, which fared better and is also priced more affordably. It is expected the new Fold 2 will feature the same foldable display tech as the Z Flip. That also makes us believe the device will also be a lot more dependable than the original Fold.

Meanwhile, for comparison’s sake, the Fold 1 came with 15 watt fast charging. In light of that, the switch to 25 watt fast charging for Fold 2 does make for a nice upgrade though the adoption of the company’s 45 W fast charging would perhaps been more optimal given the price bracket the upcoming foldable device is going to operate in.

As for the expected launch window, that likely is going to happen around fall this year which is also when the company is rumored to launch the new Note 20 series along with the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition. Samsung is hoping to bring in some excitement in its flagship smartphone range with the new launches, with the new Note 20 series likely to be the first to be launched, followed by the Fold 2 and the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition making up the rear.

Meanwhile, there also is the 5G edition of the Galaxy Z Flip that too is in line for launch sometime soon.