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New iPhone 12 screenshot leak reveals 120Hz display, advanced camera settings including LIDAR Scanner feature

The iPhone 12 might support a higher 120 Hz screen refresh rate after all. This has been revealed by a screenshot purported to be that of the upcoming iPhone 12 and has been leaked online by Jon Prosser, who has been generally spot on with his Apple-related predictions.

The screenshot depicted the section under Settings, where users will be able to opt for either the Enable High Refresh Rate setting or select Enable Adaptive Refresh Rate. As should be discernible already, the first option will set the display refresh rate to 120 Hz while the second option will leave it on the phone to choose from 60 Hz to 120 Hz refresh rates depending on the app being used along with other conditions.

Jon Prosser claimed Apple is testing the high display refresh rate though there is no confirmation the same will end up being a reality on the iPhone 12. Earlier, we have come across rumors of Apple continuing with the same display as that of the iPhone 11 on to the iPhone 12 as well. That would mean the familiar notch as well as the same standard 60 Hz refresh rate.

That again would no doubt be a huge let-down for Apple fans considering that almost all Android flagship phones flaunt displays having higher refresh rates. Even mid-range budget phones such as the Oppo A53 come with a 90 Hz display. In light of this, it would be a real dampener if Apple launches yet another flagship range having the standard 60 Hz displays.

Meanwhile, the leaked screenshots also reveal some key aspects of the camera as well. For instance, there is the option to select LIDAR scanner that will lead to better quality photos. Other camera features likely to be available with the upcoming iPhone include toggle switches to opt for Enable Enhanced Night ModeEnable Advanced Noise ReductionEnable Bit Depth Video and Enable Zoom Capabilities settings.

The point to note here is that the screenshots refer to a Production validation Testing model of the top-end iPhone 12 Pro Max. That means all of the features mentioned above are part of an internal Apple study, and there is no guarantee the same would be made available on the production-ready models. That said, the good thing here is that Apple is at least testing the features and there is a chance of those being included in the final version meant for market launch.