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Latest Apple iPhone 12 design leak reveals unchanged notch, display with standard refresh rates

The Apple iPhone 12 is easily one of the biggest smartphone launches to look forward to during the fall season. There also has been a steady stream of leaks and speculations with the upcoming device. Unfortunately, not all of them are pleasure inducing.

Take for instance, the latest leak we have, and it could be quite painful for the iPhone enthusiasts, especially for those who might have been expecting a design change for the iPhone device. For a new leak of a purported iPhone chassis, courtesy of a Mr. White has revealed the same sized notch as it has been since it was first introduced with the iPhone X four years ago.

There has been widespread speculation of Apple opting for a design change this time, which, among others, will see the notch being reduced to quite some extent. However, there is going to be a more angular design this time, something reminiscent of the iPhone 4 or the latest iPad range.

However, there might still be hope as some claim the chassis leaked online belongs to the base 5.4-inch iPhone 12. If that be true, maybe Apple will have the notch unchanged on the base model while the other more upmarket models will come with reduced notch sizes.

Meanwhile, another aspect that too is proving to be a dampener is the refresh rate. Some sources claim there may not be fast refresh rates introduced with any of the iPhone 12 models. That might be okay with the base model but not quite so with the more expensive ones; more so when even midrange phones have come to offer displays having faster refresh rates. Not to mention the competition, such as the Note 20 Ultra or the S20 range, comes with 120 Hz displays, to name just a few.

Nonetheless, there still are a few positives that could make upgrading to the iPhone 12 compelling enough. Prime among them is, of course, the A14, which happens to be Apple’s first 5 nm chip and is touted to provide for a multi-generational leap in terms of performance and power efficiency. That should explain the use of batteries significantly smaller than the competition.

That apart, all iPhone 12 versions are going to be 5G enabled, which should be another reason to upgrade. Also, with the launch having been pushed back, there is going to more time for the leakers to come up with more leaks and renders in between. Let’s hope we have something to cheer this time.