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Apple likely to discontinue iPhone XR, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max post iPhone 12 launch

Apple is all set to launch its all new iPhone 12 in October. Also, it is going to be an unprecedented four-model iPhone 12 series that would be launched this year, and a new leak is claiming this might lead to some iPhone models being phased out completely.

As a Twitter user by the name @iAppleTimes claimed, the advent of iPhone 12 series will mark the end of the road for the iPhone XR along with the two iPhone 11 Pro models. The reason being cited is the availability of the iPhone SE 2020 which is more powerful than iPhone XR.

That would make little sense of continuing with the iPhone XR even after it is provided with another round of price cut. Rather, Apple seems to be mulling the idea of continuing with the iPhone 11 instead, which also happens to be the successor to the iPhone XR.

The leaker also mentioned, the iPhone 11 might be provided with a price cut to the tune of $150, which, if true, will make the phone to start at $549. That sure makes for an enticing option for anyone who’d like to opt for an iPhone but aren’t willing to spend as much. The iPhone 11 comes with several advantages over its XR counterpart, which includes a bigger display, and a more powerful A13 Bionic chip, besides offering a class-leading camera experience as well.

As for the two Pro models – the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone Pro Max might see their existence terminated now that their successors are here to take up their slots. Worth noting, Apple had done something similar with the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max once their successors, the iPhone 11 series were launched.

The new iPhone 12 is slated to come with the new A14 Bionic chip that Apple has said will provide for a generational bump in processing capabilities. Besides, all the iPhone models are expected to have better cameras, 5G connectivity along with OLED displays this time, with the Pro models also touted to have 120 Hz Pro Motion displays as well.