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Apple iPhone 12 Pro chassis allegedly leaked, reveals circular cutout for wireless charging and magnetic positioning system

A new iPhone 12 leak has come to the fore, this time revealing the chassis of what is being claimed to be that of the iPhone 12 Pro. So, its a basic shell that we are looking at, one that nonetheless points to some aspects we can look forward to in the forthcoming iPhone 12 model.

Looking at the chassis, what is apparent right away is the flat edges that hark back to the iPhone 4 or the iPhone 5 models. The basic design too remains unchanged, which includes a metal frame and glass sandwiched together.

The primary camera module meanwhile, seems to be the same as that of the iPhone 11 Pro or the iPhone 11 Pro Max, save for an extra hole for the fitment of the LiDAR sensor. The iPhone 11 series has been widely acclaimed for its camera capabilities, and Apple seems to be in no hurry to do something radical on this front.

Meanwhile, what can be considered the biggest revelation with the latest leak is the huge circular cut-out at the center. While the cut-out will serve as the wireless charging point, a part leak pointed to the fitment of a circular magnetic positioning system that would automatically align the device to the best position for optimum charging.

What also is hard to miss is the change in position for the SIM tray. With the iPhone 12, the SIM tray is shown positioned along the right, from its usual position on the left. So, with the SIM tray, there is also going to be the volume up and down buttons along with the alert slider all positioned along the right.

As a refresher, Apple is expected to launch an unprecedented four iPhone 12 models this year, though there also is speculation of there being a fifth iPhone 12 model as well that would launch next year. That would include two 6.1-inch models that are rumored to be the first to go on sale, followed by the entry-level 5.4-inch and the top-end 6.7-inch models. All models are going to be 5G ready and will have OLED panels this time.

However, the three base models are speculated to have Sub-6 5G capability that is projected as basically 4G on steroids. Only the top end iPhone 12 Pro Max is known to come with mmWave 5G that is known to offer a generational leap in internet speeds compared to 4G.