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All iPhone 12 models will have standard 60 Hz displays, latest leak from Kuo reveals

The iPhone 12 display refresh rates have been toggling from the standard 60 Hz to the more smooth scrolling 120 Hz in recent times in the rumor world. Unfortunately, while most thought it has settled down in the 120 Hz bracket, it is back again to the standard 60 Hz.

At least that is what noted analyst Ming Chi Kuo opines in his latest research note that MacRumors has access to, claiming that Apple might have decided against the fitment of the high refresh rate Pro Motion displays on the upcoming iPhone 12 devices. According to the report, such displays will be out of bounds for even the iPhone Pro models as well.

Kuo, however, stated Apple would opt for the 120 Hz displays as standard fitment across the entire iPhone range next year. If that be true, it is going to be another year for the iPhone 12 to make do with the 60 Hz displays. That may not make much of a difference to the average iPhone users though tech enthusiasts may find it extremely hard to digest even the iPhone 12 Pro models are lacking a feature that has started to become common even in mid-range Android phones, let alone Android flagship devices.

The last time we have heard of Apple considering 120 Hz display for at least the iPhone 12 Pro models was via a leak courtesy of Jon Prosser. He had then come up with screenshots to back his claim of the iPhone Pro devices featuring the Pro Motion displays. The screenshots were believed to be taken from iPhone models meant for internal testing and showed the setting page where users presumably have the option to toggle the refresh rate from a high 120 Hz to the standard 60 Hz.

Meanwhile, the Kuo report also states the base 5.4-inch iPhone 12 will come with a slightly smaller notch than on the iPhone 11 devices. The report further has it that all the other iPhone models will have the same sized notch as on the preceding models. This should be another disappointing feature what with competing models opting for just the minimal disruption to the display, either in the form of a minimalist notch or a punch hole.

Unfortunately, post the latest revelation from Kuo, it seems Apple fans will have to wait an entire year to see an iPhone model coming with the Pro Motion displays. What should be more stinging for them is that such displays have become standard for all competing flagship models such as the Galaxy S20, Note 20 models and so on.