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Microsoft Edge makes impressive gains to emerge as the second most popular browser

The great browser war has taken an interesting turn post the launch of the new chromium-based Edge. For the new browser from Microsoft has edged past Firefox to grace the second slot. Google Chrome is still at the lead but its popularity has taken a hit with slower growth, the latest stats shared by NetMarketShare has revealed.

According to the research firm that keeps a tab on the browsers that people across the planet use the most, the Edge has seen its market share rise from 8.84 percent in September to 10.22 percent in October. The growth story is even more impressive when compared to the year-ago figures.

According to the company, Edge managed just 5.60 percent of the global browser market share in the fourth quarter in 2019. From that perspective, the Edge has 4.62 percent improvement to show in a year, which is quite an impressive development for the browser.

For Google Chrome, it still is a huge lead that the browser maintains over its rival given the 69.25 percent share it has of the world browser market in October. That, however, is less than the 69.94 percent market share it had in its control in September.

The corresponding figures for Firefox are slightly better which has seen its share show a marginal increase from 7.19 percent in September to 7.22 percent in October. Interestingly, Internet Explorer has grown to 5.57 percent in October, up from the 3.88 percent it had in the preceding month.

However, Internet Explorer still is on the way out with Microsoft redirecting users to adopt the new Edge browser. The latest Windows 10 October 2020 update also comes bundled with the Edge browser, which is another factor that is expected to increase its appeal all the more.

Meanwhile, Google is doing all it can to ensure its leadership position for the Chrome remains intact. For instance, those visiting the Chrome Web Store via Edge is being warned that Chrome is the preferred browser for doing so. The same message is also shown when doing a Google search using Edge, citing security and performance enhancement that Chrome can provide for.