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Crypto Market Crash: Bitcoin and Ethereum prices fall to 5-month low

Bitcoin and Ethereum prices fell on Friday, from which the crypto market absolved nearly $150 billion. According to Coin Metrics, Bitcoin was trading $36,000 at the end of the day, a 15% fall. And the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, Ethereum fell 20% was trading around $2500, reports CNBC.

Cryptocurrencies declined after the Wall Street losses on the previous day. This week the Nasdaq Composite lost 7.6%. The S&P 500 fell for its third weekly decline at 5.7%.

Earlier this week, the Benchmark 10 years Treasury traded above 1.9 %, the rising rates have moved the investors to control their investments in riskier assets.

Federal Reserve plans to reduce its balance sheet, keep its bonds low and increase interest rates. 

Bitcoin Investment Influence The Inflation

Investment in bitcoin serves as a hedge to control inflation due to government policies. Still, economists say that there is more risk if the Federal Reserve’s martial step may kneel the bitcoin’s sails.

The senior market analyst of a foreign exchange trading firm Oanda, Edward Moya, said that “it was a little disappointing not to see bitcoin react more positively to the reversal in Treasury yields”.

Since November, the Bitcoin prices have fallen very fast, collapsing more than 40% from the record of $69,000.

Some experts predict that the crypto market could be moving toward degradation mode very soon, as intense price variation and regularity scrutiny dampened the bitcoin’s existence.

Countries Consider Bitcoin As Monetary Risk

Regulators also keep their control down on cryptocurrencies; U.S. authorities are clipping down the movements of cryptocurrencies in the market, whereas China altogether banned all such activities in its country.

As Russia’s central bank had proposed a complete ban over the mining and use of such currency, Oanda’s Moya had predicted that bitcoin could fall below $40,000. Russia claimed that this currency creates a high risk to monetary policy and financial stability.