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Sarah Palin dined at multiple New York restaurants being unvaccinated and tested COVID positive

Sarah Palin is once again in the headlines with her recent dining trip. The former Republican vice-presidential candidate was tested positive for COVID19 on Monday yet was seen dining at the finest restaurants in New York City.
Previously noted for violating the vaccination rules and warned to follow the rules like any other citizen, the dining experience has raised multiple questions and concerns.

COVID19 positive and outdoor dining is uncalled

The ex-Alaska governor was seen dining on Wednesday at one of the finest restaurants, Elio’s, after being tested positive for COVID19. While Palin has dined here on Saturday, the pictures shared by Mediaite made the story a headline. Violating the quarantine rules and dining with our vaccination proof was unwelcome.
To add to the questions was the Tuesday night dining at Campagnola, and that too just after a day of being tested positive. Ignoring the isolation rules was not expected.
Sarah Palin visits restaurant next day to apologize
As the news spread, the restaurant manager was questioned about the visit and linked guidelines. As informed by the manager, Palin just strolled over and joined the table as she is a regular customer. She visited the next day to apologize for the chaos around her previous night’s visit. Adding to the same, the restaurant assured that they are open to the public with the same rules for all.

Previous wave of vaccination news can’t be left

After being tested positive for COVID19 on Monday, Palin delayed the defamation trial about her 2017 editorial comments made about gun violence. While officials are thankful to the citizens for following the rules, the disappointment was quite clear.
The Washington Post quoted New York City Hall spokesman Jonah Allon saying, “By repeatedly flouting CDC guidelines, Ms. Palin has shown a complete disregard for the health and safety of small business workers and her fellow patrons.”
The city offers multiple resources to support isolation for those who test positive for COVID-19. We encourage Ms. Palin to join the 98 percent of New Yorkers who report they have followed guidance on isolation and have helped New York City stop the spread.”
As per the statement in December 2021, Palin raised questions about avoiding vaccination at all costs for herself and her kids.
While the cases are surging, it’s important to follow CDC guidelines and get vaccinated at the earliest.