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Tremendous Winter Storm About To Cause Massive Destruction Along The US East Coast

According to the reports, a massive storm will hit the eastern coast. There might be two-three feet of snow, flooding coasts, and even hurricane winds expected with the storm.

A Winter Storm Going To Hit Mid-Atlantic And Northeast

The Winter Storm will affect most of the Mid-Atlantic, and there can be high-intensity tides flowing over the coast, which might cause very harsh and unfavorable conditions. Thunderstorms, Extreme snowfall, and even Hurricanes are expected with the storm.

Cities Close To The Coast Will Be Affected By The Storm

Different cities such as Boston and Providence are going to witness the storm. The schools and colleges were closed, and the classes were suspended due to the upcoming storm. The government even declared a state of emergency, and different cities such as New York and Maryland are on high alert.

Different Restrictions On Traveling Were Issued For The Storm

The National Weather Service declared an emergency in Boston and informed the people to remain at home. Traveling is prohibited unless there is an emergency condition. Travelers should always have the traveling survival kit specially designed per government guidelines. 

It is also suggested that if you get stranded in a vehicle, it is advised to stay inside the vehicle for your protection. More than 75 million people have been warned due to the blizzard and the storm. There are concerns that the storm will intensify with time, and it can even slip off towards southern New England on Saturday morning. According to the expected intensity, it is also being called the “bomb cyclone.”

The Northeast And New Jersey Also To Be Affected

Various reports claim the storm will hit the Northeastern coast and impact New Jersey. Even there is heavy snowfall expected on the coasts. There will be more than 6 to 9 inches of ice; hence, traveling will be entirely restricted. It is advised to have all necessary items at home prior to the storm. All the citizens are expected to adhere to the guidelines and follow all the precautions given to ensure a safe stay during the cyclone period.