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Former NASA Official All Set To Start A Company For Introducing Robotic Spacecraft In Orbit

A new company, Maryland-based Quantum Space, is all set to start to put Robotic Spacecrafts in Orbit. The company owner is one of the former NASA officials, and he plans to build unique robotic satellites that can orbit the Sun, which is basically about a million miles away from the Earth.

Steve Jurczyk, Quantum CEO Plans To Reduce Debris In The Space

According to an interview Steve Jurczyk, Quantum CEO, told UPI that the primary goal of his company will be to reduce the debris in space and save outer space. On the other hand, he also aims to make space easily accessible to humanity.

Juczyk, who was an acting administrator in NASA in the year 2021, said that they would build a company that will take care of a system that will be responsible for the regular rhythm of launches. He further explained that they would produce everything that is needed for a space mission. Everything regarding the launch, servicing in the space, and communication will be made possible by the company.

As per the Mountain top Media, Quantum’s Spacecrafts are eyeing for the deep Gravitational points, also known as Lagrange 1 or Lagrange 2. It is the exact spot where the James Webb Space Telescope got on Jan. 24.

They Plan To Launch the First Prototype By The Year 2024

According to Jurczyk, the company will launch the pathfinder to Lagrange point 1 in 2024. This point is a million miles away from the Earth and is in the direction of the Sun. The Sun is approximately 90 miles away; hence they are planning to go towards the Sun.

The founders are targeting to develop a Remote Sensing mission so as to perform the remote sensing of the Moon and Earth. Jurczyk said They are targeting a mission design phase currently. Moreover, they are looking to develop a small satellite with all the necessary requirements in the stage.

Once the spacecraft gets to the Lagrange points, the fuel required to keep the satellite at the spot will be significantly less. When a satellite is close to the Earth, it consumes more energy to maintain its position


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