Home Science SpaceX Loses Dozens Of Internet Satellite Due To Geomagnetic Storm

SpaceX Loses Dozens Of Internet Satellite Due To Geomagnetic Storm

SpaceX Loses Dozens Of Internet Satellite Due To Geomagnetic Storm

SpaceX lost numerous internet satellites due to a substantial geomagnetic storm, according to the Jakarta Post. There were more than 40 satellites that were affected due to the storm. However, such a storm will not affect the Earth as most of the parts of the storm will get burned up while entering the atmosphere.

More than 40 satellites were affected.

As per The NBC News, Geomagnetic storms are caused due to numerous ejections of solar corona into outer space. This further affected the Earth’s atmosphere and had destructive effects on the uppermost layer of the atmosphere.

This further drags objects in the low orbits.

The 49 different satellites that were launched from the Kennedy Space Center On February 3 were linked with the Starlink network. The company was sure that the satellites were present in the initial orbit along with the nearest possible distance of 130 miles.

The company has placed the satellites in orbit to get the final checks done before flying them further.

On February 4, Elon Musk’s company issued a statement on the storm.

The company mentioned that the satellites were affected by weather disturbances. The storm affects the atmosphere and makes it warm, which eventually affects the density. The GPS given out there suggests that escalation speed and the harsh weather created by the storm have caused numerous atmospheric drags.

The rough weather has increased more than 50 percent than the previous launch. The Starlink team said that they have switched to the safety mode on the satellites. This makes the satellites float in such a way that there is a minimum drag, and on the other hand, there are fewer chances of destruction to the main machine.

The UK Space Agency agreed that no damage is expected.

There were many reports that claimed heavy damage to the satellites but on the other hand, no such proven fact. Satellites are built with a particular material that is moreover free of any dense metallic components. Hence, on the other hand, there is no such danger involved. However, NASA has not commented on the storm yet.


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