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Binance Coin Price: BNB Points Bullish Trend With $390 As Support, Breaks $405

Great news for the Binance coin holders has been shared recently. The BNB coins are expected to reflect a bullish trend, which signals profits. The Bullish trend spotted today with the support at $390 after the decline is a positive sign for crypto investors. The BNB/USD pair is expected to regain some of the losses made today itself as it moved towards the positive side.

Last day BNB trading

According to the information shared by Cryptopolitan, the market was trading in red for around the last 24 hours. It marked the losses in the major players. This included a loss of 2.76% for Bitcoin, 5.57% in Ethereum, and 5% in Binance.

The BNB/USD traded around $383.98-$419.29 with high volatility during the last 24 hours. Meanwhile, the trading volume declined by 20.46%, amounting to $1.68 billion. The BNB coin is in position 4 at $65.5 billion as per market capitalization in the entire list of cryptocurrencies.

BNB above $390 in 4-hour chart

BNB coin is likely to retain a higher trend with $390 as the support point. Posting a new swing with a higher high this week is a bullish point. The last lower point was at $360 on the 4 February.

It is expected to break the resistance of $390, which will offer a 20% gain to $430. The retest support is $405, with a further upside of $440 on 7 February. Forming the head and should pattern with the $405 and $435, the bullish trend is here to stay.

Binance Coin price to stay bullish

With the current movements in the market, the Binance coin price trend is expected to stay bullish. A bullish reaction is expected in the coming hours, higher from the $390 support. The main reason behind this expectation is that the sellers are exhausted. The strong lower was set, and with this, some recoveries are expected. In the coming 24 hours, some of the losses can be recovered smoothly, which is a definite positive sign.


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