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Thousands Of Virginians To Get Emergency Food Stamps On February 16

Recently, more than 300,000 Americans in Virginia have been eligible for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and will get emergency food stamps on February 16. The eligible individuals can apply for the food stamps online via Virginia’s Department of Social Services portal if they want food stamps to add to their electronic benefit transfer cards.

Extra assistance to other states

As confirmed by WAVY, this will take place on February 16. Due to food insecurity, other states, including New York City, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and South Carolina, will benefit the households.

As informed by governor Kathy Hochul around 1.6 million people of New York City will get more than $2.5 billion worth of supplemental allotments and food stamps. He added that it would give the families an extra $95 as they don’t get benefits from SNAP.

According to The Sun U.S., other New Yorkers eligible for SNAP will get the food stamps until February 25. At the same time, people living outside the city will receive it till February 17. These benefits were extended in more than two dozen states due to the pandemic situations.

Around a million households of Pennsylvania will receive the same food stamps along with the people of Kentucky.

Benefits extended for North and South Carolinians

Around 1.6 million eligible North Carolinians and 300,000 eligible South Carolinians will receive emergency payments and food stamps, respectively.

Thrifty Food Plan (TFP) for Americans

TFP will boost the average pre-pandemic amount of SNAP benefits for Americans, and so it is announced to help nearly 42 million Americans to help them buy groceries. The amount of $36 to $157 per person will be received, which may also depend on the family size and their locations. These families are provided with money once a month. The money is transferred in their prepaid electronic benefit transfer card, EBT card, or Lone Star Card. The U.S. Department of Agriculture manages this program to increase food stamp benefits.


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